Weddings are kind of a big deal. You've got your girls and now what?
Read the steps below and let us help you find the perfect bridesmaid dress!


         S T E P   O N E


There’s really no right or wrong. Understand your budget and timeline. Then, choose the program that works for you!
Short timeline = Less than 3 months till Actual Date
Comfortable Timeline = More than 3 months till Actual Date

CLASSIC: Short Timeline ($)
Rent from our existing inventory! We have about 50 dresses in various styles, colours, and sizes. 
Good for: Chin-Chai Brides, Bridesmaids who are given protocols along the lines of: “You can wear whatever you want as long as it is *insert color here*. ”
Check CLASSIC RENTALS inventory here.

CHIC: Comfortable Timeline ($$)
Our most popular option! With time on your side, you can choose to explore other dresses that are not in our inventory. This option allows you to choose 15 designs in 16 different colours. 
Good for: Large Bridesmaid Entourages, Mix-and-Match Bridesmaids, Uniformed Bridesmaids
Check CHIC RENTALS inventory here.

LUXE: Comfortable Timeline ($$$)
Where our fancy girls at? Why share when you can buy a new piece and keep it for yourself? With this option, you can order ANY dress from WTOO’s catalogue (kind of like online shopping). No style, colour, or length restrictions. We're talking about having over 70 styles and over 30 colours to choose from. Your dress, your rules.
Good for: Alpha Brides, Fancy Bridesmaids
Check LUXE PURCHASE inventory here.


           S T E P   T W O


Alterations are not included in the rental or retail rates. If you choose to rent, it is compulsory for you to use our seamstress. If you choose to purchase, you can choose to use our seamstress or take the dress to any seamstress you desire.

Alterations are done by a third party seamstress we work with and payable directly to the seamstress. Rates below:

  • Length Shortening - $30/per dress (for rentals, the shortest length allowed for dress cutting is 42" from waist to floor (approximately 170cm from top of the head to feet). If you/your bridesmaids are shorter than that, choose PETITE length dresses from our existing inventory, purchase the dress or have it hemmed instead!)
  • Bust/Waist Adjustment - $30/per dress
  • Add Cups - $20/per dress
  • Straps Adjustment - $10/per dress


        S T E P   T H R E E


Ready to try on dresses? Drop us holler at or reach out to us here. We are strictly by appointment only. If you’re coming with your entourage, we welcome bubbles and light snacks at the studio! Just give us a heads up and we're all good.